Friday, February 27, 2009

Lift Conference - we are all connected and not necessarily through the Internet!

What are the consequences of all being connected, always connected? Receiving emails at work, sometime even instant messaging, including videos. Connecting with friends at home, sometime even from the office (with the risks of not being thanks for that by the company...), even now revealing our GPS position to all the world!

That means changes, changes to the way we behave in society, the way we work at office (or from anywhere in fact), the way we meet friends and even a girl/boy friend!

That definitively means a change of our cultures, the human cultures... nevertheless, that also change the way human act and consume, so the way they interact or indeed connect with other things, including with nature! Everything we do, they way we care or don't care about those little acts multiply by millions/billions of individuals have an impact on everything!

So everyone, everything are connected and not only through the internet, but definitively through our path to the future, thanks to WWF's last campaign for reminding us!

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