Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Solving Gmail IMAP empty inbox in Apple Mail 5

Man! Took me a long evening and finally a portion of this morning to solve the following issue between my Google Apps Gmail Account synchronized with the Apple Mail 5 client over IMAP...

When creating the account, I had briefly seen my messages in my Google Apps account's inbox, but then the rest of the account folders were displaying the messages, I couldn't see the messages anymore neither in the account's inbox folder nor in the All accounts' combined inbox...

I had found several instructions how to setup the Gmail account and also others complaining about this issue, but nothing to solve it. Of course, start with the following instructions to setup Apple Mail 4, they are the same for the version 5. Nevertheless, if you cannot see the messages in the inbox, despite showing in your gmail account through your favorite browser, check this:

  1. Check in Apple Mail whether you have sub-folders below the inbox (you will have a small little triangle on the left of the inbox icon).
  2. If you have those sub-folders, go to gmail directly and check whether you have label's names which start with inbox/something.
  3. If that's the case, in many cases, they have been created out of previous migration from another client e.g. Outlook migrated to Gmail... they are considered as sub-folders in IMAP and it seems that Apple Mail is lost and cannot retrieve the inbox content in the such case.
  4. So from Gmail, select all related messages tagged with this label and move them to another folder.
  5. Once done, get back to Apple Mail, and select the menu Mailbox - Rebuild
  6. Your inbox should start displaying your messages and same for the combined inboxes
  7. Enjoy!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Switching for Apple

Last Friday, I have took the decision to move to Apple... instead of buying my traditional PC laptop to run Windows and Ubuntu Linux, I have acquired a MacBook pro 17"! What a change...

Of course, it will better synchronize with my iPhone, might make me a bit nervous with my Asus tf201 tablet (yes, still on android), but overall, should be a good decision.

- powerful laptop and most likely longer life than my previous PCs...
- nice and big screen to work on many apps, such as spreadsheets and project plans.
- didn't need an ultrabook, given that I have my tablet when being on the road.
- should play nicely within my cloud services and devices
- nicer than all the other PCs design that I have seen ever, while asus might step by step come in the right direction.

So now, I need to get the software I need to run my business...
- a project management application
- a scrum project management application
- a visio-like application
- a small CRM
- an accounting and business management application suite (applicable to the Swiss legislation and best practices)

And of course, the CRM solution should sync with my contacts on Google apps. Best will be to have both PM and Scrum apps working on my Android tablet....

Stay tuned and of course if anyone has any feedback or recommendations, will be greatly appreciated!