Friday, June 08, 2012

Change your LinkedIn password immediately!

Yesterday evening, I was reading a blog post from Zdnet regarding the LinkedIn potential password threat and stupidly just tweeted about it... but I should have taken contingency action by immediately changing mine!

This morning, I logged into LinkedIn and the following message was displayed on my LinkedIn homepage... thanks guys for screwing up my password.... anyway, thanks for reminding me that when I read a security threat about a service I use, I should immediately react and take appropriate steps to secure my data privacy.

One thing I have been doing for a long time and recommend to all of you, is using different passwords for all, yes, I mean all, the services you use. Nevertheless, the risk is that you start to write down all different passwords and if one day, someone get access to it, he will get access to all at the same time. Of course, you can use several solutions which should encrypt and keep secure your passwords in one  place, but my approach is slightly different!

I have prepare some kind of rule/algorithm (not written anywhere, except in my mind), which I use every time and every where I need a new password. Providing me all the time different passwords easy to remember, but difficult to guess. Last but least, if I forget it, I can get back to my rule/algorithm and regenerate it without any problem!

Of course, I am not going to explain how I have prepared my rule/algorithm, so think about yours, try to be creative and chose something you can easily remember to generate/calculate your passwords in case you have a bad memory. Be careful, not only letters or numbers, but rather a combination of letters, numbers and symbols!

Call me schizophrenic if you want, but today, I know that even if I have been a bit lazy not to change my LinkedIn password yesterday, hackers wouldn't get much more out of it by now!

More about this security threat at LinkedIn.

Friday, June 01, 2012

WE CAN LIVE on mars, remember everything's possible!

June 1st, 2012, “WE CAN LIVE on mars” is launching! I have finally took the decision to start my own business and to accelerate my own innovation path! Taking the opportunity to help others to become more innovative, by leveraging my 17 years of experiences within the digital space!
I am launching an innovation agency, specialized in Agile project management, process improvement and new technologies. No… not being an IT services company, but an innovation agency helping you to understand the value of new technologies and rather addressing your processes.
Helping you to become much more agile and fast. Coaching you to split your vision into achievable and valuable steps to deliver smaller components of your products, or services, on a much more regular basis. Making it possible to implement a continuous improvement based on the feedback of your customers. Overall, accelerating your innovation lifecycle and launching more and better new products or services!
At WE CAN LIVE on mars, I want our work being driven by a strong belief that any team with a vision, a plan, a willingness to deliver step by step and a lot of fun, can deliver merely the impossible. Therefore, we can live on mars… because we believe that everything’s possible!
Jérôme Perakis
Please find more information about us and more about our services in our web site: