Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Turn-off your TV!

Retrieve the Full story of 25 startups to watch on, but have a closer look to, the merger of TV and Internet is coming faster than you think, how does that will impact your marketing/adverstisement campaign? The duo behind peer-to-peer services Kazaa and Skype will officially launch Joost this spring, aiming to merge the best of TV with the best of the Net. The service provides more of a television-style experience than current online video sites, with channels you can flip through randomly or program yourself. Viewers can also share playlists of their favorite shows with friends or chat with them online

Monday, February 26, 2007

Virtual Worlds, doesn't that mean anything for business?

Right, Secondlife, Habbo are very popular or trendy virtual worlds, so what?

Basically, you may thought that the companies that are running those worlds are making money or are trying to be as more successful as possible to be acquired later on by a bigger fish... but there is maybe something else behind that simple point of view. Isn't the society changing? The way teenagers and young adults are behaving today on the net, may completely changed the way you will have to communicate with them and do business with them? Furthermore, many things that people are used to request or trust from companies today, they may look for that from their communities and for (almost) free...

Look at, nobody will have thought few years that even the banking model could be re-invented. What will happens when all will be mixed in a virtual world without the current barrier (keyboard, screen, etc.), using RFID and other processors below your skin, how these will impact your business?

RFID tattoo

RFID VIP for Clubbers and already a quite old story, scary!

Thursday, February 08, 2007

How to manage Instant Disruption Softwares?

The other day, a colleague told me that yesterday he was overloaded with emails and today, even worst, he is getting mass of instant messages...
More and more devices, software are based on reaching someone at anytime and being reachable at any time! Of course, while it is very convenient, it is very disrupting as well!

My colleague found an interesting solution, he decided to launch his IM only when he needs to contact someone... in fact, this is a very egoist attitude, being able to use the others and hiding from them!

I believe, it is all about learning how to use those instant solutions for the best of everyone. Even, in real life, we can always make a bad face, close the door, wear black sun glaces to tell the others that you are not in the mood of communication or busy doing something else.

Of course, there is avatars, I can also set my online status, but I always forget to switch!!! I will love to have some device interface, next to my mouse, where I can easily push the Happy button, the Busy, the Sad or the Available one... it will be even greater, if it could realized when I moved away my desk and automatically set Jerome is away.

Anyone else interested to develop the concept?

Sharing knowledge and research?

What will refrain a company to post all its knowledge and research in progress in a blog or even on Wikipedia? Maybe the balance between the risk to be copied and the value of others starting to collaborate, comment, challenge and innovate with this company will fully balanced and even start to make this company much more innovative than others! Today innovation is all about speed and without others thoughts, nobody will be able to be fast enough...