Monday, February 26, 2007

Virtual Worlds, doesn't that mean anything for business?

Right, Secondlife, Habbo are very popular or trendy virtual worlds, so what?

Basically, you may thought that the companies that are running those worlds are making money or are trying to be as more successful as possible to be acquired later on by a bigger fish... but there is maybe something else behind that simple point of view. Isn't the society changing? The way teenagers and young adults are behaving today on the net, may completely changed the way you will have to communicate with them and do business with them? Furthermore, many things that people are used to request or trust from companies today, they may look for that from their communities and for (almost) free...

Look at, nobody will have thought few years that even the banking model could be re-invented. What will happens when all will be mixed in a virtual world without the current barrier (keyboard, screen, etc.), using RFID and other processors below your skin, how these will impact your business?

RFID tattoo

RFID VIP for Clubbers and already a quite old story, scary!

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