Friday, March 27, 2009

Wireless chip Patch vs Implant

Will that be IN or ON my body? Many Wireless technologies have been presented at the Continua Health Alliance in Spain

When I think a bit beyond moral, it will make sense to implant such chip in my body, so that my health starts to be monitored 24/7 without wearing a device on a belt or an ugly patch which could disappear after a shower or another!

Of course, I might worry about what that chip will do in my body, but that is not a risk! The chip itself will not harm anything nor for sure its potential service provider. The risk is about malicious use of my data and that scares me.

Nevertheless, online banking scared me too 10 years ago. Today, they are managing online billions of customers' accounts, so let see how things will move forward in the near future...

Furthermore, I have also realized, that once someone you care for, is very sick, lower are your concerns, higher are your expectations from technologies!