Friday, December 11, 2009

The Future of Healthcare by 2020: the collapse scenario

A series of natural and social disasters were the last thing our persistently struggling economy needed. The numbers of people needing care, especially those of displaced populations, swelled—as our ability to care for them became ever more limited. Increased vector-borne diseases and infectious strains amplified by global warming and environmental degradation have sharply increased demand for acute care. To make matters worse, the accumulated effects of delayed care through the great recession are finally coming due: poor nutrition, heart problems, and delayed dental care are all exacerbating the effects of infectious diseases. The public and private health infrastructures prove insufficiently resilient to respond effectively to these multiple demands and some parts begin to give way under the strain. Among the bright spots in this dark picture is the ingenuity and resourcefulness shown by local communities.

What could Health and Health Care look like in 2020? Watch the Collapse scenario video at and comment how are we moving towards or moving away from this scenario?

Healthcare 2020 is an initiative from The Institute for the Future (IFTF)