Friday, February 27, 2009

Lift Conference - RFID... Watch Out your data!

RFID can..will definitively power the Internet of things, like today, nabaztag, poken, etc, becoming almost low end computers, but the same security issues happening on the Internet software, will potentially happens to the RFID and those things connected.

RFID can't protect themselves... right? So any RFID reader scans can potentially get those information.

- unauthorized tag reading
- eavesdropping tracking
- tag cloning
- denial of services

and even RFID Malware is possible, meaning that a malware can be written to RFID tag, which pushes a copy of your RFID data to backend database, interesting, isn't it?

That's fine as long as the RFID tag was on FMCG goods, but what about RFID tag in your passport?

But a solution is becoming available soon, the RFID Guardian, developed at the University of Amsterdam in the Netherlands, which enables security policies, firewall and more.

So keep your cat or dog posted, since most of them are RFID implemented, he might be interested to know that "big brother" is watching him and for the time being go to the Lift videos center and watch the presentation from Dr. Melanie Rieback.

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