Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Once Again, Turn-off your TV!

I have tried Joost.com, it's pretty cool, I could browse the available channels and watched any reportages at anytime. Yesterday, I just tried one about the Titanic, good quality of streaming, full screen and the overall Joost player interface is very simple.

While talking about Joost, others competitors are willing to keep the big pie for themselves, look at youtube, they have just proposed to US Presidency candidates to open their personal video page on Youtube Channels and all did!

Last but not least, 40 TV channels broadcasted over the Net,  Zattoo unveiled a groundbreaking new peer-to-peer IPTV service that makes live, quick-start, long-play Internet television a reality for broadband users, broadcasters, content owners and advertisers. Zattoo enables advertisers to leverage the most successful web-based advertising methods in combination with the best attributes of broadcast television "spots" by supporting banner ads, targeted text ads and video clips. There are three major benefits from using these formats

So as much you can't transfer you entire TV advertisement spendings to Online campaigns, prepare yourself to the TV-Internet Mix!


Becca said...


Of the three services you discussed, I think Joost is definitely the most exciting. It is (finally) a very solid offering of internet television.

I think this is a very exciting time. Television is definitely changing -- going to a cable bypass model. This is, in my opinion, the "holy grail" of television. On demand, when I want to watch it. And, eventually, so unlimited channels.

I really think Joost is going to kick off a resolution in TV.

- Becca

Jérôme said...

That's quite true, but I am expecting many new comers within this field. There is so much potential and I believe major media companies will acquired smaller successful companies such as Joost and may completely change the competition level with huge investments. BTW, have you checked http://my.vpod.tv that's another one!

Sahara said...

This is great info to know.