Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Future Google Businesses?

While reading something about iTunes, I have realized that Google, so far, never try to offer free music, except if we consider Youtube being a music channel..., and therefore compete with Apple and other Majors?

Nevertheless, this is typically a huge business which can be driven/sponsored with adverstising, therefore Google...

and while thinking of this, what else could be provided free with Google Ads?

Google Music
Google Cars - ads in the car and on the car!
Google Interactive Building Ad Walls
Google Clothes - touch me to get more info ;-)
Google Food - all kind of food/dring which can be refill free in a google food box with interactive ads
Google Pets - electronic pets walking around the house and proposing contextual ads/paid services to entertain you
Google Pens - electronic pens displaying ads based on words you have just written
Google HD Video calls - free with ads
Google Movies - free with ads
Google Sidewalk - interactive sidewalk with ads and connected to Google Street to dipslay arrows to your destination
Google Glasses - free glasses with location based ads
Google Coffee - free coffee refill with an interactive google cup which download ads from coffee machine while filling the cup
and so on...

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