Thursday, August 06, 2009

The Future of Healthcare by 2020: the discipline scenario

Out of the fray of health care cost cutting imperatives of the past decade of reform, evidence and efficiency emerge as our key values. Beyond medicine, these regulatory imperatives touch edges of the global health economy: raising standards for health claims in food science, medical devices and consumer electronics—and increasing the legal and financial repercussions of making overstretched health claims. This is also the era of No Doctor Left Behind: metrics of practice have been put in place, made possible by systematic analyses of electronic health records. Care is as rational now as it has ever been, optimized to your requirements, genetic indicators, and projected contributions to society. Navigation services have sprung up to assure that care is provided for the best value, including remote consultations or travel abroad.

What could Health and Health Care look like in 2020? Watch the Growth scenario video at and comment how are we moving towards or moving away from this scenario?

Healthcare 2020 is an initiative from The Institute for the Future (IFTF)

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