Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Leverage Negative domain names and rumors on social media/blogs

I have just read a blog post on eyeforpharma.com regarding buying domain names which are negative to brands.

I am sorry, but have to strongly disagree, pro-actively buying negative domain names (DNs) is a very bad idea and it doesn't work! Here is why:

- you encourage DNs hackers to buy negative DNs related to your trademarks > since you care, they find you a more interesting target

- negative DNs are unlimited, one day it is Ihateyourxyzbrand.com and the next day, it is xyzbrandsucks.com > DNs hackers will always be one step ahead of your protective buying actions

- this had been the strategy of companies 10 years ago when negative DNs appeared, they failed and they stopped doing this!

This is what you should do:
- try first to manage well your real trademarks and the content of your brand web sites, which add real value for customers

- of course, "listen" to what happens on the Internet, DNs, furthermore in blogs and social networks (rumors and negative posts or groups can also appear here) and take the following actions:

a) understand the reason why this happened and first think about this as an opportunity, instead of a threat, to change the way you produce, manage and/or sell your products/services

b) take legal actions, if you strongly believe this a threat impacting your brand/stealing your trademark, but go back to a) as well to look for better products/services

c) if you don't have the opportunity to leverage your products/services nor that this is real brand/trademark impact - just ignore them!

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